Remedios Varo "Mujer saliendo del psicoanálisis" de #MisFavoritos

Remedios Varo 1960 Mujer saliendo del psicoanalista (Woman Leaving the Psychoanalyst)


Rothko is probably my favorite abstract artist. This piece inparticular is close to my heart- can't really explain why. I first saw it when I was 13 or visiting a traveling Guggenheim exhibit. This portrait just fills me with spiritual calm and emotion.

Remedios Varo. Reflejo lunar.

"Reflejo lunar/Moon's Reflection" 1961 Remedios Varo - "There are nights when…

Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo Creación de las aves 1957 Oil on masonite ___ Remedios Varo portrays the three ingredients necessary for the origin of life: matter, made up of complex molecules that scientists have.

Surrealist painter Remedios Varo Uranga | CiM 282

surrealism: Bordando el Manto Terrestre (Embroidering the Earth’s mantle) by Remedios Varo, Oil on canvas.

Remedios Varo

Artista del Tregadar (2) Remedios Varo

Varo-Fenomeno de Ingravidez 1963 Tour idea: Print/laminate preliminary drafts of a painting on my tour to discuss artistic process and unlock clues to meaning of end result