Usmar Zabaleta

Usmar Zabaleta

Artista Visual/Diseñador Gráfico
Usmar Zabaleta
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Inferno de Salvador Dali

The Avaricious and the Prodigal - An illustration by Salvador Dali created between 1951 and 1960 to illustrate Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Dali created 101 watercolor drawings to interpret the Divine Comedy.

Rene Magritte | Memory, 1948

Memory - Rene Magritte Completion Date: 1948 Place of Creation: Brussels, Belgium Style: Surrealism Period: Mature Period Genre: allegorical painting Technique: oil Material: canvas

Salvador Dali (9) Candle

The Sky- Sea glimpsed in the light of a candle flame. Creation, the Big Bang, explosion? The wick looks like a human figure. Really beautiful, so much compressed meaning.