dark stained wood beams, hex terracotta floor

dark stained wood beams, hex terracotta floor I like how light and soothing this is. Don't like the hex tiles

A bright and charming basement kitchen uses a clever blend of colours and tones which complement each other beautifully, creating a contemporary feel. Grey silk finished lacquered cupboard doors and draws sits beautifully on hexagonal terracotta floor tiles which bounce off the original brick work above the oven adding a traditional element to a contemporary space.

Choose drawers instead of doors, it's much easier to organize and find things when you can pull out a drawer instead of having to squat down to dig around deep inside the cabinet

A little paradise in the form of an 1895 renovated farmhouse Veluwe.

We specialize in design based on historical Mediterranean, primarily Ibizan, architecture, combining style and building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles.