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High Shelves for Plant Pots SLA - Amsterdam love the shelving! But with art not plants because that's a long way up there and those plants would not live long.I'm not climbing up there to water them: let's be honest

Valentina tiene ese aire francés de lo dulce y tratándose de una pastelería el estudio colombiano Masif no pudo ser más atinado. Presentan un interiorismo delicado, amable, lleno de molduras de madera como las que se usan en las fachadas paris

Stylish bakery interior design with patterned flooring, tiled walls with vinyls and large drop down pendents.

Inspirations & Aspirations — Padarie Cafe by CRIO Arquiteturas The chevron...

Padarie Cafe by CRIO Arquiteturas The chevron pattern on the front of this cafe is beautiful. A great color palette which was continued on the colorful benches scattered inside and out.

Cubic tiled floor - sink area with exposed copper piping, copper shelving units

A 2013 James Beard finalist for Best New Restaurant, the Whale Wins is the latest venture from chef Renee Erickson of the (similarly) whimsi...

The Whale Wins: A Seattle Restaurant Inspired by the Sea

Marquee lights serve dual purpose as lighting + a special message to guests at The Whale Wins restaurant in Seattle, WA.

beautiful wood details / Bells & Whistles

Juice Served Here opened its first juice bar in in Los Angeles. Bells & Whistles designed the interior, furniture, and bespoke brand items.

Modern Coffee Shop In Oakland

95 Innovative Cafe Concepts - From Eclectic Dutch Coffee Bars to Canine-Centered Coffee Shops (TOPLIST)