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Makeup is amazing.

what cant you do with makeup? “I think all men have a feminine side, but for most men it’s internalized. Drag queens express their feminine side on the outside, which makes it much more obvious.” this is amazing work!

Gender identities and 'politics of affinity'. One identity is not better than another and there are no superior identities that deserve more of the good and less of the bad that a social order has to offer. You have the choice how to identify yourself #DonnaHaraway #PoliticsOfAffinity #WGST2812

Your clothes do not define your gender. Your genitals do not define your gender. Only you can define your gender, and if you haven't, that's okay too.


What if gender, as we know it, is nothing but a state of mind ? ⚥ ________________________________ I have always loved this poster for transgender awareness