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Steve Callaghan

Steve Callaghan
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The VW Bus went into production 52 years ago today. The VW bus was one of the strangest vehicles to hit the road at that time. With its strange aerodynamic shape the VW bus was definitely eye-catching

Hop! suitcase follows you like a poodle

For those who tire of dragging a heavy piece of luggage through the airport, a new hands-free suitcase will do all the work for you.

Samsung Refrigerator Dispenses Soda Stream Sparkling Water

New fridge! Samsung Soda Stream Refrigerator: The Soda Stream fridge is a first. It dispenses sparkling water as well as still water and ice.

for small spaces-gas stove and ventilator

eeh ventilator gas stove - Any compact kitchen will appreciate the EEH-Ventilator & Gas Stove, especially if it can't accommodate a full-size stovetop and range hood.

Exercise and get the job done

Interesting Idea on cutting the grass and exercise at same time. Not that cutting the grass isn't exercise enough. An improved riding lawn mower! This is how the riding lawn mower should be