Stefani Grahu

Stefani Grahu
Seville, Spain / Writer and artist.
Stefani Grahu
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"Do you know how hard it is to wash blood off your hands?" / "Have you tried soap and cold water?" / "Dammit, Katherine, I'm a human, not a dishcloth!" — a conversation that must have happened between Arthur and Kat at some point

The containment branch of the local theatre is now struggling to cope. If you experience a vague sense of unease or inexplicable anxiety, you are advised to walk quickly and not look over your shoulder. They are coming and they are fast.

Did you know? Ginseng promotes weight loss and fat mass reduction by improving insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, thus lowering blood sugar levels and improving how carbohydrates are metabolized


I'm so tired of the same old crud Sweet baby I need fresh blood