Crochet Wrap Bracelet, now this I can make :)

Crochet wrap Bracelet and Necklace in one piece. Wrapped bracelet. Silver color . Coiled Bracelet. Threaded Bracelet. Textile Jewelry

crochet scarf... Amazing crochet blog.

Make worth of chain stiches and make a slip stich to the first stich to crete a cirle. Make 3 chain stiches and then the whole cirle of trebles/double crochets. End each round with a slip stich to that rounds first stich. Do every layer the same way

finger bracelet!total!

DIY Finger Knit Jersey Bracelets by vanaessachristenson - We made some with an old t-shirt. They were cute but a bit too stretchy. Maybe a different knit would be better. like the look of this stuff


Toddler Crochet Pinafore Free Pattern This is exactly the pattern of a crochet dress my mother wore at age in

#DIY lights

Hanging lights with crocheted wire covers. Would be cool to to the covers in something like clothes line, hemp twine, plastic packing cord -- industrial materials. Also a cool way to just cover the cords that snake everywhere from lamps.

crocheted mason jar hangers

The Mason Jar Made Pretty...

DIY crocheted mason jar hangers so pretty! You could put flowers or candles in them!

granny squares

How To: Crochet a Granny Square Blanket


Sanna Sania: A pot in three ways . If I have a kitchen window, I WILL have violets in the window, and perhaps they will need happy little covers like this on the pot