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Cuánto bien ha hecho el chocolate… If you are not getting enough sweet loving, at least there is chocolate! Chocolate has done so much good for humanity …

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Hay injusticias difíciles de resolver… life was fair, chocolate would not be fattening. Some injustices are hard to solve…

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Si solo pudiera pedir un deseo If I could only make one wish This year I only want true love. by mrwonderful_

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A grandes males, grandes remedios ;) Freezing cold getting you down? Snuggle up in bed to clear that frown!

¡Buenos días! Lunes, puedes pasar si traes café :D #FelizLunes #disfrutadelavida via @mrwonderful_

¡Buenos días! Lunes, puedes pasar si traes café :D #FelizLunes #disfrutadelavida via @mrwonderful_