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A Transcendentalist place to go is a place where you can look at the stars. The trees in this picture represent how people reach for the stars. A peaceful and quiet place like this is definitely a transcendentalist location.

✨ cae una estrella me toca un deseo ✨

Night-Sky/stars-peace of senses/street/dark-lonely/ beauty of the night/memories

Autumn Sunset ❤

Red Leaves on Tree at Sunset. My favorite season and one of my favorite times of the day - very calming.


Cave at Lighthouse Beach, Bahamas. I would live in that cave just to live in the Bahamas, I'll do anything to live their. Same thing with bora Views

~~Good Morning ~ Horizon series, morning field golden sunrise, Wisconsin by Phil Koch~~

Sunrise - sunset over Wisconsin fields (Good Morning Wisconsin - Phil Koch)

Northern lights

What a beautiful wonder of the world -the aurora borealis, as seen from northern norway (one of the seven natural wonders)

Yıldızlar ve Samanyolu

This picture is important because in Greek mythology Typhon was so tall that his head touched the stars.