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"Using creatively designed and engineered support structures from a minimal amount of allowed us to frame the Fitbit family in a cohesive and elegant manner.


Concept Apple Watch packaging doubles up as cool charging stand—This concept design for the packaging of the Apple Watch focuses on the charging aspects of the product.


Packaging an ecosystem of products begins with the end-user. When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging?

Myo — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

A structure design that brings form and function like Myo itself. Uneka along with Myo's in-house team designed Myo, a gesture control armband. The design had to showcase to the consumer what Myo actually does, which represented quite a challenge.


Lyve Home’s clean design fits perfectly with its function: to de-clutter and organize your digital life.

11+ World Clock on Behance

The World Clock reinterprets the traditional functionality of the clock by creating a unique and playful interaction between the user and the design. Although the face of the World Clock may not seem out of the ordinary, its cylindrical body allows it…


Collate showcased the latest headphone from the Danish brand AIAIAI. I'm really curious to see how the modularity works when you have it in your hands.