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Lolita Garrido: ironía castiza y ‘swing’

Lolita Garrido: ironía castiza y ‘swing’

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Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys... 1981.....

Jello Biafra, Heino and Les Baxter on hs jacket, over a decade before he was talking about his record collection in one of the two Incredibly Strange Music books.

The Misfits

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of The Misfits, 1982 wearing a Star Trek Federation uniform!

The Ramones playing CBGB, 1976. Photo by Godlis.

"I love that Joey Ramone is holding up the 'Gabba Gabba Hey' sign himself, before they started bringing Zippy onstage to hold it during 'Pinhead.'" New York's CBGBs House Photographer