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I really like this ad. It gives its exact point right from when u see the animal and then the Tide logo. Also the stripes/spots of each animal are laying on the ground as if they lost them. Well done

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This is a French ad administrated by the French Ministry of Health. This ad states in the bottom right corner: Obesity starts from childhood.Very graphic yet creative.


Awareness can save the earth. (by Fulvio G.m.... — Posters For GOOD

// visual metaphor // Mind Blowing Resources: 30 Mind Blowing Posters Against Climate Change

Zoo Safari - Great #Print #Ads

Zoo Safari - Great Creative ads campaign and marketing design

Designer integrates the famous Nike logo with shoelaces. Awesome concept!

The famous Nike logo, but with a twist. The designer made a creative edit of the logo by shaping the Nike text with shoe laces. The overall design and arrangement creatively reflects Nike's brand and product.

Help Stop Global Warming Campaign

Help Stop Global Warming Ad One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Save electricity and reduce global warming now, by turning off. Help Stop Global Warming Ad

Creative advertising

"If there's a way to stand out.we'll find it!" Well, they definitely hit the nail on the head. They got my attention with the contrasting Zebra colors on an elephant. The ad has nice font, colors and placement everything.

Sony ad

Sony Earphone - Hello, Mozart advertising campaign and the success story at afaqs! Creative Showcase with other related Creatives by Sony Earphone and the people behind it.

Air France

Sweet ad series from Air France. Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.


Roma food ad-print by Eos Pan, via Behance

Coco Cola light. clever.

20 Hilarious and Effective Outdoor Advertisements

Time for some creative coke ads. Check out this collection of 25 of the coolest and most creative Coca-Cola ads. Ateriet - Food Ads and Food Culture.

Creative Advertising

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Knorr introduced its fish cubes to enrich the taste in for example soup. These so called fish bouillon cubes are used in the amazing print advertisement created in The cube crafts the shape of a fish while it is dropped in the water.

cool ad

Very funny ads Land Rover print Ad for the Hard Rock Haha!

15 Brilliantly Clever Billboard Ads - funny billboards, cool billboard advertising

Funny pictures about McDonald's Sun Dial. Oh, and cool pics about McDonald's Sun Dial. Also, McDonald's Sun Dial photos.

......TIME for a coffee to keep you awake

ad for Nescafé instant coffee

For rocking voices. Advertising Agency: WEFRA, Frankfurt, Germany Managing Director/Owner: Matthias Hack Managing Director: Wolfgang Pachali Di

GeloRevoice: RockVoice For rocking voices.