Piruleta de chocolate

Piruletas de chocolate fáciles

Iced Chocolate Lollies from Bryant Bryant Dewey Seasons Resort Koh Samui, Thailand make the sweetest treat or hostess gift. Bonus: they do double duty as decorations, too! Click through for the recipe.

fondant au chocOlat

Molten Chocolate Whiskey Cake - Posted by Hammerstones WhiskeyDisks™ makers of the worlds best whiskey stones.

Chocolatechip cookies en Cupcakes de chocolates

There's no recipe for this chocolate cupcake but it looks fantastic! -- from a 'Clean Slate' New Years party with lots of very yummy-looking chocolate desserts that also contain no descriptions or recipes :(

Popsicles chocolat et framboises

Bâtonnets glacés au chocolat et aux framboises

Chocolate/Raspberries popsicles - these will be for Erin if I can get the recipe translated!

Chocolate Filled Spoons

Chocolate Filled Spoons great idea for homeade hot chocolate! Just dip in a glass of warm milk. for all the hot chocolate lovers out there you will more than likely need around 3 or ;

Hot spiced chocolat with scented whipped cream | Gourmantine

Hot Chocolate (Chocolat L’ancienne) with Scented Whipped Cream

Moelleux au Chocolat - Το απόλυτα σοκολατένιο γλυκό! μέσα σε 20 λεπτά - Filenades.gr

"Chocolate Cake ( Moelleux au chocolat)This is one of the oldest French dessert recipes. Make sure you use good chocolate above and real butter. Also, you can keep the batter in the fridge for 5 days for an immediate gourmet treat any day of the week.

Hot spiced chocolat with scented whipped cream | Gourmantine

Divine and indulgent hot chocolate with scented whipped cream and candied orange peel

Hot spiced chocolat with scented whipped cream | Gourmantine

chocolate l’ancienne (hot spiced chocolat with scented whipped cream)


Chocolates criativos

Monbana_chocolatecube definitely a most beautiful and interactive way to serve chocolate treats. It's ideal for entertaining because it's reusable and you could restock it whenever you need to!

chocolate #Dessert #health Dessert #healthy Dessert| http://yourperfectdessert996.blogspot.com

chocolate-cinnamon heart cookies--I might add a bit of heat, too.a bit of pepper to make them Chocolate-cinnamon-spicy heart cookies! From: Cafe Johnsonia Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button