NIKE Laces by Hugo Silva, via Behance

I thought you'd like this cool logo idea. :) -- NIKE Laces by Hugo Silva


Corona is celebrating this years Day of the Dead with a limited edition can. The cans are inspired by traditional Mexican sugar skull designs.

McDonald’s presenta nueva campaña minimalista

McDonalds presenta nueva campaña

McDonald's regular menu items as icons. = McDonald's Unveils the Simplest Ads It's Ever Made

comes lo que come tu comida, una campaña muy ecológica

Slow Food: Pill Animal Print Ad -- "You eat what your food eats. Make sure it's organic.

Kisetsu : The Four Season Perfume

Kisetsu : The Four Season Perfume

Vodafone Ciudades - Óscar Llorens

Vodafone ciudades a project by ollorens.


'Numbers' for ING Direct by XYZ Studios. Agency: Sydney If only we could do something like this.

Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer

Child of the Internet Explorer commercial - totally has my stamp of approval. Nostalgia all up in here!