NIKE Laces by Hugo Silva, via Behance

I thought you'd like this cool logo idea. :) -- NIKE Laces by Hugo Silva


Corona Beer limited edition for Day of the Dead in Mexico. design by Zulu Alpha Kilo

McDonald’s presenta nueva campaña minimalista

McDonalds presenta nueva campaña

comes lo que come tu comida, una campaña muy ecológica

Pill Animal / Slow Food campaign designed by Peter Peter Brönnimann at Leo Burnett

Kisetsu : The Four Season Perfume

Kisetsu : The Four Season Perfume

Vodafone Ciudades - Óscar Llorens

Vodafone Ciudades - Óscar Llorens


'Numbers' for ING Direct by XYZ Studios. Agency: Sydney If only we could do something like this.

Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer

Child of the Internet Explorer commercial - totally has my stamp of approval. Nostalgia all up in here!