Is it magnetic? center activity. Love this!

Primary level science station for magnets. "Is it magnetic?" This sorting science station is appropriate for pre-k, kindergarten, primary grades, or preschool. With younger children be careful to ensure items size isn't a choking hazard.

Ramps in the Science Center

Ramps in the Science Center

A hands-on exploration of seeds. Good trays I like how this is set up with the white paper and the magnifying glasses and the items above for the children to bring down into a space to observe clear of obstructions.

Exploring the seeds of fall in preschool

Lima Bean planting: This cute frame made to look like a see through pot added some charm to growing a lima bean. Wet a paper towel and put it in a sealed ziplock bag with a few lima beans. Place in a sunny window; but change the paper towel and water (not too much) after a few days to keep it from getting moldy.

School science/garden idea: This frame made to look like a flower pot adds visual charm to growing lima beans with kids. Wet a paper towel and put it in a sealed bag with a few beans. Change the wet paper towel every few days.

Ciclo del agua.

I choose this picture for my peers because they can use this activity in future.It represents about how water cycle happened.Moreover,children can learn science of water cycle.


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