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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor medieval music instruments

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor medieval music instruments

Laúd de 14 órdenes.

This lute represents when the suitors attempted to woo Baptista by offering tutors. Katherine was not impressed, shown by her smashing the lute on one of the tutor's heads.

Luthier David Van Edwards with theorbo

An illustrated catalogue of all the lutes that I make, covering the whole history of the lute in Western Europe. Also bows for historical instruments of the viol and violin family from all periods.

Romi-Isetta Brasil

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SHIP DECORATION 1630 -1780 : Ships Figurehead & Maritime Carver: MARITIMA…

This book is a detailed comparative study of the decorative work – figurehead, topside ornamentation and stern gallery design – carried by the ships of the major maritime states of Europe in the zenith of the sailing era.