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Fake a set of Fake a set of full lips with this lip plumping tutorial!full lips with this lip plumping tutorial!

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Linda Hallberg - Eye make up

contorno segun tipo de rostro

Finally a Highlight/Contour graph with ALL face shapes!

Makeup contour plan for ladies (like myself) who are rocking a seriously round face.

Makeup contour plan for ladies who are rocking a seriously round face.

Know the Shape of Your Face and Pick Sunglasses Accordingly | 18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Know what shape of sunglasses suit your face shape!

Art of Face Contouring - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Contouring for different face types, tips. But stop trying to change your face too much! You are beautiful the way you are born!

Eye makeup

Today's Look : "Desert Pearl" -Linda Hallberg ( a neutral eye at its best) . Love her make-up, as always really pretty!

Interesting History of Lipstick Infographic from our blog, The Stylist <3 XOXO

The History of Lipstick Infographic: A brief history of our favorite beauty product!

Blush for your face shape.

Blush For Your Face Type In order to apply blush where it will be most flattering on you, first determine your face shape. Blush not only adds color, but also contours and defines your cheek bones.