Food & Drink: Grilled cheese tomato and pesto sandwich

Grilled cheese tomato and pesto sandwich. When I make mine, if I don't have pesto I just use basil. I also sprinkle the outside of the sandwich with garlic salt before cooking. Dip in a marinara sauce.

Coleslaw (ensalada de repollo americana)

Coleslaw (ensalada de repollo americana)

I never made coleslaw in my 54 years, never liked it but I made this recipe.

Receta de croquetas de atún que les gustara a toda la familia. Preparadas con atún de lata, en una salsa bechamel empanizada, quedan deliciosas!

Croquetas de Atún

Chicken croquettes use boiled, shredded chicken and maida. Croquettes are crispy on the outside and soft inside. Have fun with this croquettes recipe!

Parrillada de fajitas

All it takes is a simple marinade and a screaming hot grill to put together this amazing platter of steak fajitas. Apples and Sparkle: Skirt Steak Fajitas