Anna Lerinder | Black Teapot

This is the black teapot by Anna Lerinder So minimal but elegant. via- teapot, design, simple

Tatsuya Hattori Teapot

Teapot Artist: Tatsuya Hattori Made in Japan Gifu based potter Tatsuya Hattori ceramics are characterized by their refined shapes and exquisite glazes.

Cool tea cups

Cups from David's Tea, photographed by Erica Lea of Simple Days pretty photo styling

Beautiful little teapots, photo from "thelittlecorner" Would love to know the potter who did these!

Jurgen Lehl Babaghuri teapots from Analogue life: Lightweight pottery molded from gourds and coconuts in shapes that are subtly altered by the firing process, making each item uniquely different from the others.

nendo by { designvagabond }, via Flickr

Top Tea Set by Nendo - A teapot and cup set. The thick wooden lid provides good insulation to keep the tea warm, and its pointed center condenses steam into liquid and directs it back into the teapot, rather dripping down the sides.

Simply Factory

cloud tea bags from Simply Factory - lot of 10 empty - fill with your own favorite tea

A modern tea pot made of ceramic and wood that has a simple, soothing effect on the eyes, which echoes the very beverage that it has been designed to serve.

Take Breath Tea Pot by Pinyen Creative

take breath is a minimalist design created by taiwan-based designer pinyen creative. the produce is made from ceramic and wood, a juxtaposit.