The Patriarchs by Laurent Goldstein - Saddhus walking along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras)

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A medicine man standing in front of a teepee

1912 A medicine man of the Blood (Blackfoot) tribe standing in front of a teepee. Arthur Rafton-Canning took many photographs of the people of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful

I can't decide between making her African American-ish like this or white hair .The average American circa Courtesy of National Geographic. Photograph by Martin Schoeller. We can only hope we all look like this in 50 year's time.


India ~ Child is dressed and face painted to imitate Lord Shiva.- Little Krishna

Photographer: Tom Carter.

Uttar Pradesh Holi Festival © Tom Carter Photos of India I love the way the purple pigment makes this man look almost statue-like, and the beautiful watercolour look of the colour.

Mẹ. Photo by Phạm Ngọc -- National Geographic Your Shot

Working in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam. Daily Dozen -- Photos -- National Geographic Your Shot