Bookmarked: a handy guide to natural, DIY cleaning products.

Little Green Notebook: Natural Cleaning Products That Actually Work (and Don’t Stink!) I don’t hate the smell of vinegar as much as Jenny does, but these all look like good cleaning product ideas.

Antibacterial Coconut Hand Soap |

Antibacterial Coconut Oil Hand Soap

9 easy ways to use less #plastic. This means less plastic in our #oceans!    Here’s an excellent list of 9 easy ways to decrease how much plastic you use in everyday life.

Infograph: 9 Ways to Use Less Plastic Plastic is one of the most prominent pollutants of our earth and ocean. It just makes sense to find easy ways to use less!

Eco-friendly kitchen cleaner

Greening Your Kitchen with Pinterest

DIY Sage All-Purpose Household Cleaning Spray vinegar, Isopropyl Alcohol & Warm Water + Sage/Essential Oil + a drop of dish soap)

Eco- friendly products Conscious consumerism #bcintrosoc

Why You Should Buy Products Made of These 9 Eco-friendly Materials

Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Type on a little wood the next time you type on your computer. This is a Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard and Mouse Combo. A very cool “Unusual” biodegradable and environmentally friendly keyboard and mouse.

7 Ways to a Fragrant Home

There is a subtle secret weapon when it comes to decorating- scent. Have you ever wondered why some friends' homes put you in a state of bliss or why walking into an all-natural salon or spa leaves you.

Adult Toothbrush - White

Personal Life: I usually buy a new plastic toothbrush every few weeks. Instead of using the toothbrushes made from chemicals, I could use these that have a bamboo handle and come in a biodegradable cello wrap.

8 Easy ways to Green your Kitchen /

8 Easy Ways to Green Your Kitchen

Opt for Reusable Bags. Every trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to mean accumulating a new supply of devastating-for-the-earth plastic bags in all shapes and sizes. There are reusable produce, shopping,.

bio air-conditioning ‘cold pot’ by thibault faverie

the 'cold pot' by zurich-based designer thibault faverie lowers surrounding air temperature through the process of evaporation.