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Weigela praecox, Flowering Shrub, Pink Flowers
Weigela florida 'Bristol Ruby', Bristol Ruby Weigela, Flowering Shrub, Flowers, Pink Flowers, Red Flowers
Weigela florida 'Sonic Bloom Pure Pink', Sonic Bloom Pure Pink Weigela, Flowering Shrub, Flowers, Pink Flowers


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Artemesia abrotanum


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Lavender 'Antibes'
Lavender angustifolia 'Lady'
Lavender 'Night Of Passion'


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Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus argutifolius
Helleborus x hybridus


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Gardenia 'Crown Jewels'
Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy'
Gardenia 'Deluxe' (House Plant)


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Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' (Black Mondo) 🌹 Consejos Útiles Jardineros Y Jardineros | 2019
Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash', Lungwort 'Raspberry Splash', Raspberry Splash Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage 'Raspberry Splash', Raspberry Splash Bethlehem Sage, Blue Flowers, Pink Flowers, Spring Flowers
Pulmonaria 'High Contrast', Lungwort 'High Contrast', High ContrastLungwort, Bethlehem Sage 'High Contrast', High Contrast Bethlehem Sage, Blue Flowers, Pink Flowers, Spring Flowers


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Campanula Persicifolia 'Blue Bloomers',Fairy Bellflower 'Blue Bloomers', Fairy Bells 'Blue Bloomers', Peach Bells 'Blue Bloomers', Petticoat Bellflower 'Blue Bloomers', Willow Bell 'Blue Bloomers', Peachleaf Bellflower 'Blue Bloomers', Blue flowers
Campanula Persicifolia 'Alba',Fairy Bellflower 'Alba', Fairy Bells 'Alba', Peach Bells 'Alba', Petticoat Bellflower 'Alba', Willow Bell 'Alba', Peachleaf Bellflower 'Alba', white flowers, white bellflower, white campanula
Campanula Lactiflora, Milky Bellflower, Cottage garden plants


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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Birgit'' Red Witch Hazel
Hamamelis virginiana 'Little Prospect' Variegated Witch Hazel
Hamamelis vernalis 'Orange Spangles' Orange Witch Hazel


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Distinctive blooms, aromatic foliage
Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet',Bee Balm 'Cambridge Scarlet', Bergamot 'Cambridge Scarlet', red Monarda, red bee balm, red flowers, Monarda didyma 'Cambridge Scarlet'
Monarda 'Marshall's Delight',Bee balm 'Marshall's Delight', Bergamot 'Marshall's Delight', pink Monarda, pink bee balm, pink flowers


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Ranunculus asiaticus
Ranunculus bulbosus
Ranunculus bulbosus


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Spider Plants Articles - Gardening Know How
Spider Plants Articles - Gardening Know How
Spider Plants Articles - Gardening Know How


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These Azaleas  de 12  Northern Hi-Lights
EL BLOG DE LA TABLA: Lantana camara Victoria: el final del verano
Lantana Landmark Peach Sunrise, Lantana camara, Mediterranean plants, Mediterranean shrubs, peach flowers, Bicolor flowers


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<em>Gaura</em> <em>lindheimeri</em> 'Ruby Ruby'
Gaura lindheimeri 'Ruby Ruby'


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Papaver Orientale 'Beauty of Livermere', Oriental Poppy 'Beauty of Livermere', Poppy 'Beauty of Livermere', Red Poppy, Red Oriental Poppy, Red Papaver Orientale
Papaver Commutatum 'Ladybird',Poppy 'Ladybird', Ladybug Poppy, 'Ladybird' Poppy, Red flowers
Papaver nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles Yellow', Iceland Poppy 'Champagne Bubbles Yellow', Arctic Poppy 'Champagne Bubbles Yellow', Icelandic Poppy 'Champagne Bubbles Yellow', Yellow Iceland Poppy, Yellow Arctic Poppy


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Sabio ruso
Scores of gardeners have fallen in love with Black Lace elderberry -- and it's easy to see why. The shrub offers purple-black foliage that has a wonderful lacy texture. It's a fast grower and, once established, is essentially carefree.Name: Sambucus 'Eva'Size: To 8 feet tall, 10 feet wideZones: 4-7Bonus: The shrub also offers pink flowers in early summer and clusters of berries in fall. However, both take a backseat to the stunning foliage.
America’s No. 1 go-to flower for shady locations, impatiens will transform any dark corner into a flower festival. In fact, many gardeners use impatiens as a quick-growing summer groundcover for hard-to-plant locations under tall trees. Growing 12-18 inches tall, impatiens bloom in white, pink, peach, yellow, orange, lavender, and bicolors. Both single- and double-flowering varieties are available. Impatiens grow well in containers, too. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and keep the soil...


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<em>Salvia</em> x <em>jamensis</em> 'Heatwave Glimmer'
<em>Salvia</em> x <em>sylvestris</em> 'Mainacht'
<em>Salvia</em> 'Peter Jidgeon'


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Gardenia jasminoides Frostproof, Cape Jasmine 'Frostproof', Frostproof Cape Jasmine, Cape Jessamine 'Frostproof', Hardy Gardenia, Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers, Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers
Gardenia jasminoides August Beauty, Cape Jasmine 'August Beauty', August Beauty Cape Jasmine, Cape Jessamine 'August Beauty', Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers, Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers
Gardenia jasminoides Chuck Hayes, Cape Jasmine 'Chuck Hayes', Chuck Hayes Cape Jasmine, Cape Jessamine 'Chuck Hayes', Hardy Gardenia, Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers, Fragrant flowers, evergreen shrub, White flowers


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Las plantas en Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Las plantas en Chelsea Flower Show 2018


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Brunnera Macrophylla, Siberian Bugloss, Hearleaf Brunnera, False Forget-Me-Not, Jack Frost,
Brunnera Silver Charm, Siberian Bugloss 'Silver Charm', Hearleaf Brunnera 'Silver Charm', False Forget-Me-Not 'Silver Charm', blue flowers, spring flowers
Brunnera Macrophylla 'Jack Frost' , Brunnera 'Jack Frost', Siberian Bugloss 'Jack Frost', Hearleaf Brunnera 'Jack Frost', False Forget-Me-Not 'Jack Frost', blue flowers, spring flowers


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Limonium perezii (Sea Lavender)
El cultivo del Limonium
Limonium, Estátice, Statice


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EL BLOG DE LA TABLA: Oxalis pes-caprae flor doble
EL BLOG DE LA TABLA: Oxalis pes-caprae en flor
EL BLOG DE LA TABLA: Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionacea, por sus h...


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Galanthus, Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, Galanthus elwesii,  early flowering bulb, winter bulb, white flowering bulb, White winter flowers
Galanthus, Snowdrops, Milk Flowers, Galanthus nivalis, Galantus elwesii, Spring Bulbs, Spring Borders, Winter Borders, White Flowers, Winter Flowers
Plant Combination Ideas with Snowdrops


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Lathyrus Odoratus 'America',Sweet Pea 'America', Fragrant Flowers, Red Flowers, Pink Flowers, Annuals, Annual plant, Cut flowers, deer resistant flowers
Lathyrus Odoratus, Sweet Pea, Annual plant, Fragrant Plant, Climbing plant,Annual Flowers, Fragrant Flowers, Climbing Flowers, Scented Flowers,
Lathyrus Odoratus 'Spencer Mix',Sweet Pea 'Spencer Mix', Pink Flowers, Red Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Annuals, Annual plant, deer resistant flowers

guisantes de olor

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Dicentra 'Bacchanal', Dicentra formosa 'Bacchanal', Fern-Leaf Bleeding Heart 'Bacchanal', Bleeding Heart 'Bacchanal', Pink Flowers, Shade Perennial
Dicentra Spectabilis 'Gold Heart',Bleeding Heart 'Gold Heart', Dutchman's Breeches 'Gold Heart', Chinaman's Breeches 'Gold Heart', Locks and Keys 'Gold Heart', Lyre Flower 'Gold Heart', Seal Flower 'Gold Heart', Lamprocapnos Spectabilis 'Gold Heart', Shade perennial
Dicentra 'Aurora',Bleeding Heart 'Aurora', Dutchman's Breeches 'Aurora', Chinaman's Breeches 'Aurora', Locks and Keys 'Aurora', Lyre Flower 'Aurora', Seal Flower 'Aurora', shade perennial, White Flowers


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Paeonia 'Bartzella', Peony 'Bartzella', 'Bartzella' Peony, Itoh Peony 'Bartzella', Intersectional Peony 'Bartzella', Yellow Peonies, Yellow flowers, Fragrant Peonies
La peonia es una planta muy bonita, de flores coloridas y fragantes. Conoce sus cuidados y modo de reproducción en este post.
Paeonia 'First Arrival', Peony 'First Arrival', 'First Arrival' Peony, Itoh Peony 'First Arrival', Intersectional Peony 'First Arrival', Pink Peonies, Pink flowers, Fragrant Peonies


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