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Classic, hip but simple. Joggers, Adidas shoes, Adidas shirt completes this hip cool street style look. I might actually like these joggers .


Busy days call for a simple yet stylish outfit, such as a black suede bomber and grey chinos. Why not add camel leopard low top sneakers to the mix for a more relaxed feel? Shop this look on Lookast (Top Fashion Stylish)

Oh dear.

Collection of fifty great tattoo ideas for men including small & large tattoos // See more inked men, tattoo inspiration, street art, graffiti &

Día de tormenta!

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A guy with tattooed hand. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Despite the fact that hand tattoos are very painful to get inked, their popularity is still rising day by day. This can be attributed to celebrities endorsing such tattoos by bearing them.

Uf!! El hombre de mis sueños

27 Hombres tatuados que te van a enamorar para siempre

Chris John millington oh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh i luv this guy n dat beard is so fuckin awesome. Perfect style to use the LumberWolf kkk