mmm che musica! i hear music when enjoying my first sip of coffee in the morning!

The beauty of music -- latte, coffeeshop atmosphere, a book and a cup of your favorite!


Vinyl Records Reminds me of listening to my turntable. Saving allowance to buy or the new album from your favoite band. Id fall asleep at night with the record player stacked and headphones on.

Él le ha dicho: "Tú eres mi hijo, yo te he engendrado hoy".  Sirvan al Señor con temor; temblando, ríndanle homenaje, no sea que se irrite y vayan a la ruina, porque su enojo se enciende en un instante. ¡Felices los que se refugian en él! Salmo 2

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Audifonos de mostacho

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