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Read Memes BTS from the story 😍😂Memes BTS😂 ❀ by lesliect (Leslie Cushcagua Teran) with reads.

Baby bones me gusta porque esta muy tierno y lindo bueno

(Hi this my first book I'm kinda nervous but ok also thanks to my friend Lexi [thats her nickname] for helping me.)What will happen when pj (paperjam) brings a new kid to the daycare? (I DO NOT own any pics or songs)

Descendants[G L I T C H T A L E] by CNeko-chan

Yay,more Rosetale stuff. --- If you are interested in the story,you can find both Book 1 and Book 2 on Quotev. (Story 1 completed,but story 2 is still ongoing).


Drown in the holy glory of this rare sketch of Kitten wearing the sexiest skating outfit EVER in the anime(Not gonna lie bros,it really is-) Your soul has been blessed. --- Asriel: *dead again.