Cheap Date Night Ideas! Cute! Pin now, read later when I have a boyfriend...

148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples. I really want to do this to the car or truck and go to the drive in movies!

(Preferably would like a picnic on a warm, sunny day. Outdoor lunches in rainy weather are no bueno.)

22 Summery, Serene Picnic Ideas

faire un pique-nique Outdoor seated dinner Tons of food at the company picnic. a perfect picnic basket Picnic Party

romantic picnic sweet is this?? Now if only I could get hubby to plan this with me lol

I love picnics. Eating outdoors is the best with cwtches and hot chocolate in the autumn xxx

Take your wine and cheese party into the great outdoors by packing a wicker basket and finding a beautiful location. #picnic #wine #cheese

Luscious style: Outdoor living - part 2

A picnic can be simple by using ready to eat food like wine, apples, cheese, nuts, bread or crackers and chocolate.

Pack the back of the car with everything necessary for a picnic.  Surprise your sweetie by picking them up after work on a weeknight and take them on an evening drive and roadside picnic! #datenightideas

A fun Fall activity? Picnics in the park (except someone needs to tell these guys that their picnic is where the engine should be in that beetle- technically the "trunk" is in the front of those cars")

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