If you were to write a story with me as an actor, that certainly would be a tragedy!
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i'm sick again (what a great surprise! my immune system is just 😤👌🏻💯) so i got no energy to draw atm so imma be spamming some old doodles i drew months ago👀 sorry in advance!

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Shintaro Kago: Ilustraciones que sólo las personas más perversas comprenderán.

Shintaro Kago is a Japanese artist who is best known for his guro manga. His art is perverse and humorous, and often deals with extreme sexual themes. He has a very graphic style, typical of manga, with an overblown pop styling to it.


real quick, but :-) i was so trash back then, he was the reason why i made this acc hence the 94 in my username andand yeye vivi is cute✨will delete this