Dulce de Leche Flan.

OK This looks AMAZING…. Now I just have to translate the recipe and Flan will be dessert!

Flan de leche y huevos.

Leche flan is a Philippine caramel custard made from eggyolk and milk. While growing up, my mom would always make this, and it is one of my most favorite Filipino dishes.

Flan de Mascarpone

This is going on my dessert list."Flan de Mascarpone - It's like a Pudding very typical in Spain. The traditional one is made with eggs and vanilla but the Mascarpone brings a unique flavour to this dessert!

La receta de flan español es una de las preparaciones base en la pastelería. Este postre reúne diferentes sabores y brinda a quien lo prueba una completa experiencia gastronómica.Esta preparación adem

Receta de flan español

This page contains homemade flan recipes. These creamy custard desserts originated in Spain. Which are really easy to mess up and taste terrible. this should be interesting

Flan de queso crema con cajeta- Nuestra versión de este flan con queso crema está genial.

Flan de queso crema con cajeta

Cream Cheese Flan Recipe – Fulfill your every flan-tasy with our Cream Cheese Flan dessert recipe. Topped with a sweet, syrupy sauce, your guests will really enjoy this homemade sweet treat.

Flan de café bombón | Cocinar en casa es facilisimo.com

Flan de café bombón: ¿te apetece un pedacito?