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Una de las ideas más usadas para peinar a las niñas o bebés son los peinados con ligas, ya que el cabello de las pequeñas es un poco delgado todavía.

Hairstyles For Girls - Hair Styles - Braiding - Princess Hairstyles


Perfect for the France Duval Stalla fabrics!

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Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, can you send mother-daughter dresses!

Tips para mujeres: Chongo de moño para niñas

Minnie Mouse Hair bow Tutorial for kids hair

Peinados niñas

cute pigtail style from Brown Haired Bliss

Peinados para niñas

Cool The hair is a girl’s crowning glory. Check out these awesome hairstyles for your daughter! The post The hair is a girl’s crowning glory.

This next style was when she was a little big older, so her hair was a little longer.  It starts the same as the first style I showed you, and you achieve it in the same manner.  I ended it all the way down at the nape of her neck like a low ponytail.  Then I added colorful bows to finish the look off!

Abella's Braids: Help for your Toddler's Hair! (The one with the little bows is just to cute to pass and not notice it -.