"Love" — Dirk Bell

Sigil-style typography - a good Initial Cap-sort of - visual tease to the work it supports - MK “Love” by Dirk Bell. Every letter from the word "love" is stacked upon your heart, for it makes your heart whole again

25 Outstanding Logo Designs | From up North

25 Outstanding Logo Designs

I like the line work of this logo. It also is nice and simple. I just hope that it is for some sort of outdoors or "manly" product, since it looks like a branding iron. /// I like the texture of the letters.


Thinking beyond the screen and in terms of physical properties opens up all kinds of possibilities, like this 'A' which looks like paper that has had a hole punched in it.

65 Inspiring Examples Of Single-Letter Logo Designs

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#Bold design, bold logo design #B - Great use of negative space!

design, bold logo design - Great use of negative space! First letter of my surname which is creative with the writing inside

Food wine - Simple. Great use of negative space

So today, we'll be taking a look at estaurant logos. We will be showcasing 25 restaurant logo designs. We have selected some of the elegant and creative restaurant design logos for you to see!

Logo for Four Seasons private residence 30 Park Place by Mother

New Logo for 30 Park Place by Mother Design — BP&O

Typographic poster

Colors + event poster style Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects - Kerry Ropper

Logotype | Stockholm Design Lab

The is a powerful multifunction flashgun with a builtin Cactus II transceiver designed for use in multiple flash setups Improvements on the include faster recycling cooling mode to prevent overheat shutdown and USB upgradeable firmware