today for your inspiration I have collected some great examples of milk packaging design. I think they are good for inspiration, limitation in milk packaging is using cartoon box, can, plastics or bottle.

Sechzisch & Vierzisch

Sechzisch Vierzisch - ”Sechzisch Vierzisch takes the classic ‘Persching’ drink from Germany’s Rheinhessen region and turns it into a hip and lovi.

10 cervezas artesanales que distinguirás por su diseño

Cervezas artesanales, 10 packaging que distinguirás por su diseño

Nueve Estudio - L'ermita beers — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques

Anagrama | Galo

I love a good pattern, especially when it is done as well as this project by Anagrama . Galo Kitchen is a French-American inspired restaur.

Lervig 10th Anniversary

Lervig 10th Anniversary


Brassneck Brewery is a new retail brewery in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. Brassneck offers brewed on-site selections at their growling

Freytag Anderson - Eden Brewery St. Andrews

Eden Brewery / Definitely Not The Official Beer Of. by Greig Anderson & Daniel Freytag


Stranger & Stranger Paperboy bottle design, yes a compressed recycled paper bottle (ice/water bucket safe) printed with natural inks and a recyclable sleeve inside.