Mount Roraima - Venezuela

Mount Roraima, two billion years in making, is surrounded by tall cliffs on ALL sides! This mountain’s location – in South America – forms a triple border with Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It forms the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range.

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This place called as " Monastery of Stone ", And it's a nature reserve in Spain, in the province of Saragossa. It is a place that there are many cascades and caves. There is a National State-run hotel (Hotel) in what was the ancient monastery.


Gypsy Moth by Josephine Wall Encouraged by the haunting sounds of the man in the moon on his guitar, the beautiful gypsy moth beats her wings to the rhythm of flamenco. Her partner takes her in his arms and moves in time to the beat of the gypsy rhythm.

Anna Shanika

Anna Shakina

I love pretty dresses and I love beautiful pictures. So today I’m not going to say a lot. I just want to share these, almost fairytale like pictures with you. Source: all pictures

A secret place.

High resolution nature desktop wallpaper of Lava Tube Cave Lava Beds National Monument Tulelake California (ID: