A cute project to do, take a walk and find the wood first and then make it in to a rack!

DIY Tree-Branch Coat Rack: Cut/collect some small-ish branches (during a walk in the woods or from pruning trees).MAKE A COAT RACK!

Cut-Paper Art Print © madebykale (Artist, Australia) via her shop at Hand-Made website:  https://www.hand-made.com.au/listing/12545/ready_to_frame_print  Colorful butterflies emerging from an open book $10 AUD ... Give credit where due. Acknowledge the artist by name here in the caption. Link / Pin from the Primary source. Promote blogs here in the caption.

Reading takes you places.student created butterflies emerging from an open book. Cut-Paper Art Print © madebykale (Artist, Australia) print Colorful butterflies emerging from an open book.

Activities for a new class! Get the children to design one or two hands :)

Beginning of the school year art project!- photo only- could be hung in the hallway or make it your classroom door decoration

Galicia, Spain.  When she lived in Madrid, there was a little hole in the wall like this one. An old woman would be inside and she would reach out and take ripped & torn nylon hose and repair them beautifully for just pennies.

Ladies sitting by in Galicia, Spain. They do look a bit like the grandma in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Alex T. Smith

Alex T Smith born Coventry England in 1985 is an author and illustrator of several childrens books including Primrose Egg Ella and the Claude book ser

Cabo Home, Cangas do Morrazo, Galicia

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Le romancier du clos Lucé / The Novelist © Isabelle PLANTE (Artist, France). Fantasy author atop a tower of books spinning tales as pages fly off into the sky - pfb . Pin from the Primary Source.