What does it take to write good headlines? Headlines that are packed with emotional words and speak to mind and emotion get shared more on social media.

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Write Emotional Headlines with these power words; Awesome list for creating effective headlines for your posts.

Will you accept the challenge?

Master a Digital Detox With This Easy Plan

Challenge A Detox For Your Smartphone Addiction - I'm definitely trying this. Miss the days before cell phones and social media.

Why Mind, Brain, and Education Science is the "New" Brain-Based Education @ http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/w/page/30240486/Visual%20Thinking

This article explains how Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science combines perspectives from neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy that contribute to a better

I love this pic, its so true of this day and age

Farewell letter from

Mitchell Grafton, Self-Portrait [EN] Painted by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of the most recognized masterpieces. The focal point of the painting is.

Well, first citizenship, which is formally defined as “the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community.” This makes citizenship far more complex than a simple legal matter, but rather one that consists of self-knowledge, interaction, and intimate knowledge of a place, its people, and its cultural history.

Awesome Digital Citizenship Graphic for your Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. An example of technology using still imagery.

Betty Ray, Edutopia's Senior Blog Editor and Community Manager, interviews media theorist Douglas Rushkoff about the changing role of narrative in digital culture and how this affects students

How Digital Technology "Broke" Narrative and What it Means for Our Students

How Digital Technology "Broke Narrative and what is Means for Our Students -Present Shock author Douglas Rushkoff presenting at South by Southwest in

Digital Cultures - Digital Diversity | Cultural Politics

Digitized Lives : Cultures, and Social Change in the Internet Era. Check out Reed's book and companion website about

The Future of Libraries in a Digital Culture - The Blog - Huffington Post

The Future of Libraries in a Digital Culture

The Future of Libraries in a Digital Culture - The Blog - Huffington Post

Beyond Technology: Children's Learning in the Age of Digital Culture - David Buckingham - Google Livros

, Beyond technology: Children’s learning in the age of Digital culture.

Digital Culture

In this course for high school students you'll learn some of the surprising statistics about digital media use among your peers and watch .

PressPausePlay - Animated Content. PressPausePlay "A film about hope, fear and digital culture" I created the animated content for the Pre...

PressPausePlay "A film about hope, fear and digital culture" I created the animated content for the PressPausePlay documentary. The animations help…

Digital culture, how we create a 'filter bubble' around ourselves that we are oblivious over things that we are 'not interested' in

“You’re getting a free service, and the cost is information about you” The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You by Eli Pariser

Digital cultures and translation. Thinking about language, communication and dialogue on the net.

geisha / focus / beautiful / maiko / 舞妓 小凛さん Maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha) make their way round the tea houses of the Miyagawa-cho district in Kyoto, Japan to wish people a happy new year. In the centre the maiko Korin.