Emotional appeal is through protection and social awareness. The literary method used is Metonymy, de-familiarization and allegory. Image alone creates the visual method.

24 Clever Print Ads

Nice advert by the Vermont Department of Health, warning pregnant women about the effects that smoking can have on their babies and encouraging them to quit. Really hate selfish women who continue to smoke and drink, or worse, during pregnancy.

Via the Swiss chapter of S.O.S. Racisme. | The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

This anti-racism poster for the Swiss Chapter of S. Racisme employs strong emotional symbolism to communicate the message. Via Canva.

Absolut Cities Series Print Ads: Absolut Brooklyn | Propel Marketing

The Best Of The Great Absolut Ads

Our daughter has been obsessed with Absolut Vodka and their ad campaigns since the and was happy to see Spike Lee's collaboration: Absolut Brooklyn

Ogilvy showed that creativity can be as effective as flashy visuals, with this airport luggage tag campaign for Expedia.co.uk.

13 Creative And Clever Adverts From 2013

Simply the best travel ad campaign ever created, for Expedia, using airport code tags as copy.

blendamed #Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Budapest, Hungary. (I didn't know whether it was appropriate to laugh or cry at this ad. It's quite witty.)

"There are so many crazy ideas politicians can come up with, it is truly amazing. They are super 'creative' at coming up with 'unorthodox' economic solutions." Ferenc Benesch, Designer, Art Director and Commercial Director.

Adeevee - Yokoama City Board of Education: Books build children

Adeevee - Yokoama City Board of Education: Books build children Pass on the joy of reading. We require Librarians.

20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads

20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads