DIY: Double Strand Lace Headband

head band and hair: Put the headband on top of your hair (while your hair is down) and then grab your hair at the back and tuck it into the headband. The messier the better! On top of the awesome hair style, she also tells you how to make the headband!

First backcomb your crown section to give it some height, don't worry  if it's messy, that's the look.    * Next, take the two front sections of your hair and twist them, and as you do, collect all the   hair from each side your head, so you're left with two ponytails.    * Finally collect all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist into a bun before securing  with bobby pins!    * Spray with hairspray to give it some hold!

If only I had hair! Take two front sections of hair and twist. As you do, collect hair from each side into two ponytails. Collect hair at nape of neck, twist into bun, and secure w pins.

love a messy bun.

Vintage Post / Long Hair, Short Ideas

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Alexa really does have the best modern bangs! Alexa Chung's Hair Guru Will Help You Steal Her Fashion Week Locks


love this cream silk shirt with black lace top: twist back bun : hair inspiration

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ombre bun

HER HAIR. prim hair and sunny cheeks hair messy bun Messy hair buns.


There isn t actually a Mary Kate Olsen diet there only seems to be a lack of it. Mary Kate Olsen along with Nicole Ritchie and Renee Zellweger is considered.

Ten Quick and Easy Hairstyles for the New School Year | This hairstyle is my favourite, it took me about 10 minutes in the morning :)

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