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'Modern Koi', Inspired by "Koi Traditional Japanese Painting", Watercolor Illustration by Jennifer Kraska [b., American], ~ [Isn't a tattoo but it has a similar theme to my idea. A beautiful sketch like this would be stunning].

"¿Alguna vez...?" "No." Y ahí se me partió el corazón.

Watercolor over pencil in Stillman and Birn Epsilon sketchbook. Notes on the sketch read: "Marsh Wrens, Canadian River. The landowner welcomes birders, turns back most everyone else. His black angus bull didn’t like me much, though.

Tropical watercolor leaves. Handpainted clipart por OctopusArtis

More illustrations LINE BOTWIN "girly illustrations" This set of 12 high quality hand painted watercolor arrangement and separate floral elements(leaf, leaves, grass, herb, foliage etc) in hires.


hot chocolate-Drinking, Hat-Wearing Squirrel, -- WaterInMyPaint has some whimsical original watercolor painting.