Miriam Carrillo-Barragán

Miriam Carrillo-Barragán

Miriam Carrillo-Barragán
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water bottle flipping

You see it every where kids flipping bottles, they even have a bottle flipping app game, but do your students know the science behind it?


speed of light travel times. We definitely need to fold space/time to create wormholes to get to where we want to go.

La paradoja de Fermi: ¿dónde están los extraterrestres?

The age of the universe and its vast number of stars suggests that extraterrestrial life should be common. If that’s the case, then where is everyone? In this infographic we explore some possibilities.

[Cada nave espacial que actualmente está explorando (o está a punto de explorar) un objeto principal del sistema solar (que no sea la Tierra y el Sol).] » Every spacecraft currently exploring (or about to explore) a major solar system object (other than the Earth and Sun).

Don't miss this NASA infographic that shows every spacecraft currently exploring a major solar system object!

9 Summer boredom busters for teen boys

Red Cup STEM Challenge for Kids - these simple STEM challenges are perfect activities for teens and kids of all ages. They use things like red cups that you already have at home. Tons of fun with science, tech, engineering and math.