Artemisa Navarro

Artemisa Navarro

q les importa.... ok no xd salu2
Artemisa Navarro
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"you only like them because they're hot" yeah okay

5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Calum Hood Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings<<< every time I see this I think god damn how are they so attractive like honestly even if they look legit like this I will still love them ♡♡♡

Mom: This boy is distracting you from school! School is distracting me from Calum.

5SOS Preferences - 70 Your 1st Dance song (song you dance to at your wedding) - Page 1 - Wattpad

Oh my Goodness ADSGDJSSGFHGGKHVBFWSTYFGF. Do you realize what'll happen if and when the boys do an entire shoot in suits? It'd kill off half of the fam.<<<but ashtons still bad ass in his bandana lol

You already saved this pin. Yeah I know and I will pin this everything I see this!

and that was the last thing luke ever said........

OMFG luke is sass master LMAO so using this in my story at some point