KML Firework Label Revolving Sun

A beautifully rendered, though conspicuously unsafe moment brought to you by the Kwong Man Lung Fireworks factory.


Chinese vintage poster showing portrait size illustrations of legendary Shanghai girls of - China

Watermelon Baby. Prosperity! Chinese New Year. CNY.

Maoist Chinese propaganda poster- This would be a super awesome tattoo (well, super awesome to ME)

Take the Space Shuttle to Travel in the Universe This was produced in 1979, at the end of the Cultural Revolution and towards the beginning of modernisation for China. According to Chinese folklore, there is a lady living on the moon with her pet rabbit; these kids are heading off to meet her

Mao's way: Chinese propaganda posters – in pictures

Chinese propaganda | Our happy life Chairman Mao gave us! | 1954

Mid-Century Chinese Propaganda: 'Chairman Mao gives us a happy life': a new spacious home, a radio set, abundant and good food and three healthy children [the happy workers' family of the early Artwork by Xin Liliang, March 1954

Mr Roboto, Space Age, Japanese Style, Vintage Posters, Mid Century, Baseball, Advertising, Book Jacket, Oriental Design

Poster produced during famine of Great Leap Forward. A time when art did not imitate life.

Chinese propaganda poster-- Selling the fruits of a bumper harvest in a friendly manner, from 1978