(8) Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat // reminds me of Ozymandias' cats in The Watchmen.

Mountain lion with her kittens.

View of a female mountain lion (Felis concolor) with her kittens under a redrock ledge. The mountain lion is also known as the puma, and the cougar. A fully grown mountain lion has a body length of metres and a body weight of up to 100 kg.

White Lion

Who remembers this cartoon - Kimba the white lion? He's the friendliest lion around. Oh Kimba the white lion.

The Lion, Zimbabwe. Photograph: Chris Weston.

So close you can almost feel her breath: How wildlife photographer captured amazingly intimate portraits of pride of lions

Wildlife photographer Chris Weston snapped amazing pictures of a pride of lions in Zimbabwe by using a remote camera fixed to a tree which captured them in off-guard moments.

Lion: "This is my peaceful haven, when I become SO sleepy..."

Lion snuggled up asleep on huge log, tree branch. This is beautiful nature photography.

OMG ..... THIS EYES ... THIS FACE ... I LOOOOVE CATS  www.catsincare.com/

Ruddy Somali Cat << love this breed, looks half cat, half fox

i love Maine Coon cats

Want to know if a Kitten Is A Maine Coon then look no further, we've listed some key things like Maine Coon fur thickness, Body Size and Traits to look for


A king only bows down to his queen. I couldn't agree more. I LOVE IT


A lion cub desperately wants to play - but mum somehow manages to ignore the playful youngster as she searches for food. British-based wildlife photographer Margot Raggett snapped the funny moment while in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Bath time

"Lion mother Princess licks one of her white lion babies on July 2012 in Kempten, southern Germany. Lion mother Princess gave birth to six white lion cubs on July 2012 at the Circus Krone.

Pretty pink jelly fish

F&O Fabforgottennobility - lsleofskye: Jellyfish Rise

Meet Iriss and Abyss, the twin feline phenoms taking the Internet by storm. Not only are their pristine white coats adorably fuzzy, they both have spectacularly gem-like eye colors. The twins have a condition called heterochromia iridum, meaning that each eye is a different color—in the case of Iriss and Abyss, one eye is blue while the other is somewhere between gold and brown. This can occur in humans and animals, and has no medical disadvantages, which means that Iriss and Abyss can…

Adorable Twin Cats Share the Most Beautiful Multi-Colored Pair of Eyes

Meet Iriss and Abyss – the most beautiful twin cats in the world! These inseparable cats both have heterochromatic eyes. Having heterochromatic eyes means that

I guess I'll take a bath

Lioness, cub, by Roger de la Harpe "Just like this mom, right?

.Lioness and cub

Lion cub & his mama. These images come from the zoo in Belgrade: in the foreground is a white lion cub just two days, embraced by his mother Kumba.

Virtual Safari

Virtual Safari