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The owl has a lot of great texture. It is made with simple geometric shapes. The owl is still powerful in black and white. It's an interesting crop of the owl. I wish I could see more of the owl like his wings.

Gem stone cutting illustration, 1950s

Diamond Gemstones How would you describe this? Diamond Gemstones Vintage Print of Antique Diamond CutsVintage Print of Antique Diamond Cuts Refer:

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration | From up North

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration

dailyminimal:  #OC15-380    A new geometric design... - a journey of a thousand miles...

A combination of both a roundel with strong geometric shapes can present the space as a friendly modern place of professionalism.

LIKE: Colour Palette - although ours is a more saturated and warm, Love the rich Pink. Not afraid of a bit of pattern.  UNLIKE: Blue, you can't eat blue. Basic Colour psychology.  Chocolate brand Wünder by Jack Thompson


So pretty, colors correspond with flavor, cool names, spider web etchings, unique Chocolate brand Wünder by Jack Thompson

Build Your LinkedIn Profile From Start to Finish With This Massive Visual Guide

Build Your LinkedIn Profile From Start to Finish With This Massive Visual Guide

벡터 일러스트(편집용 파일):Asian ornament icon, korean, chinese, japanese vector set

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The Benefits of Versailles Pattern Travertine Tile

Can you do this with a porcelain tile? / The Benefits of Versailles Pattern Travertine Tile

Double slit experiment - revealed that a single photon can simultaneously go through both slits and take on a wavelike behavior. A successive firing of photons will create an interference pattern on the detector.

Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in superposition — that is, in all possible states — until we observe that it is only in one specific state. According to a 2002 poll of …