13 Manualidades de Árbol de Navidad

DIY:tree christmas driftwood and paper or ribbon tree decorations for rustic , beach , contemporary decor themes also an easy gift for kids to make in craft club or school for parents


7 Days of Gift Wrapping Ideas: DIY Confetti Dipped Presents

Christmas wrapped and sewed - picture only

Envolver regalos bonitos

Paper Gift Packets Layer two pieces of kraft paper together and draw your chosen shape on the top piece. Cut through both layers of paper, then sandwich a gift between the two shapes and stitch along the edges using contrasting thread.

Envoltorios originales para tus regalos | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com

Envoltorios originales para tus regalos

Didn't look at them I just love the gift in a little walnut shell with a bow! 60 Awesome DIY Stocking Stuffers: If you're trying to figure out what to fill someone's stocking with, why not save your money and make these stocking stuffers instead?

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