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Iss My Better my friend share opera classical with me.i give him Vitas & Sarah Brightman.he give & i give He Always Iss Amazing.

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Si, trato de subirle el autoestima a todo el mundo, aún así cuando el mío está por el subsuelo. ¿Porque debo ser tan buena persona, aveces?...

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Because you do not talk to me anymore Because I'm going to continue falling in love with something that I can not have.

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This gets interesting True friends will stab you in the front. De frente > head on Te apuñalan > stab you

Sólo tú te impides llegar lejos.

There is only one person who can prevent you from reaching a mighty place -- and that person is watching you each day.

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For it is a mans world.but eventually the meek will rule world.hey i didnt say it the bible did