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a painting of cheese and wine on a table
Wine and Cheese 8×10 in. Original Oil on canvas painting HALL GROAT II
a painting of wine, bread and grapes on a table with a bottle of wine
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a painting of champagne and fruit on a table with a bowl of strawberries next to it
Roy Hodrien - Still Life with Champagne & Fruit on a Tablecloth
a painting of wine and grapes on a white cloth with a bottle of wine in the foreground
Gallery of Still Life Paintings by Joe Sambataro
a person holding a glass of wine next to a plate with cheese and grapes on it
Darren Muir | Royalty-free stock photos at Stocksy
a painting of grapes, cheese and a wine glass on a table with a bottle of wine
Jerianne Van Dijk - Red Wine and Fruit
a bottle of wine and some grapes on a table
Wine Glass Grapes And Jug In Portrait Format And An Oil Painting Canvas Print / Canvas Art by John Paul Cullen