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For you dear PapyTon fans out there !!!Don’t you just love it when Sans ruins the moment?!I think it’s hilarious mufufufuhAnyway, I thought the rough looked interesting and clean enough to share for once, so here you go dear potatoes!the final version should be ready by the end of this week ^^

Mettaton singing for Papyrus who's playing Undyne's piano, then leans in for a kiss that Papyrus accepts until Sans pulls Mettaton's legs because his brother will not be touched

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sans doesn't like them and says papyrus doesn't look like himself because they make him look like Gaster

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I think I've said what I could about the original Bioshock games when I did my piece on Elizabeth But long story short, loved it. The iconic characters, environment, story, everything. Rapture was .