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Videorrisa.: Et ... Humour, Humor Mexicano, Chistes, Spanish Memes, Humor, Frases, Spanish Jokes, Mexican Humor, Humot
Videorrisa.: Et ...
the words are written in different languages with emoticions on each word and smiley faces
Amor te, importo?... A qué país?...
a coffee cup with a spoon sticking out of it's mouth and the words la cafe
Un cafecito caliente
OMG @Salem Betzabe! jajaja
a sign in spanish that says,'nombre era'and has an image of a
Hasta los 6 años pensé que mi nombre era "Bajadeahí" : )
an octopus and squid are talking to each other with a speech bubble above them that says, nadda como un jugo de narrana con puupa
Jugo de naranja by Wawawiwa Desing #learning #spanish #kids
two cartoon characters holding hands with the caption despaccio que me altos
El ajo y el ajito
an advertisement for carismas with fruit and vegetables in the shape of people running
¡El coco!
an animal that is laying down on the floor next to a table and chair with caption saying, day 3 humans still think i'm lost
Account Suspended
the back side of a computer screen showing several different types of text and numbers on it
Funny Parents Text Messages-there are a few semi-inappropriate ones, but the others make are so funny.
two dogs playing with a tennis ball in the water, one is brown and white
Cool People Shop on X
the vampire diaries klaus caroline tyler - the-vampire-diaries Photo
a cop talking to a baby chicken on the ground with captioning in spanish
Tu magazine de humor, sátira política, gifs divertidos, vídeos cachondos y alguna sorpresa más.
two bats hanging upside down on the ground
Aesthetics Matter: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Through Visual Content
Amazing Animals #1
a large dog laying on top of a couch next to a cat
One reasons why dogs are one of the best
an image of many different colored lines in the same color and size as well as text
Just a few reasons to own a dog...