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two goldfish swimming next to each other in the water
..focus..damn it!
beautymothernature: Beautiful YAMAZAKI Osamu, Japa Love Moments / wow, realmente una belleza
two goldfish swimming side by side on a white background with one fish facing the other way
an orange and red fish with long tail swimming in water on a white background that appears to be looking like something out of space
Chakin. photo by Osamu Yamazaki.
two orange and white fish floating on top of water
Small Calico by Osamu Yamazaki, Japan
a red fish in the dark with its tail extended and it's head down
Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish
Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish--a gallery of photographs by Visarute Angkatavanich. Red!
a black and white fish in the air with it's tail extended to the side
#Expo2015 #Milan #WorldsFair
three watercolor paintings with different colors and designs on the bottom one is red, white and
The middle one is beautiful, especially as a pisces piece
a man with a red rose tattoo on his arm
MandarinPink - Etsy
a drawing of a sea horse with intricate designs on it's back legs and tail
More Zentangle
Seahorse- tattoo idea (I would make it so very colorful)
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair and skull on her chest,
The Art of Lina Stigsson
a woman with makeup on her face and the words'tuff luv '
Tuff luv
a close up of a bird with feathers on it's back